I need a house sitter, what do I do?

You need to register as a home owner with us, see the link below. When you do you can contact any of our sitters that appeal to you from their profile page. Also, sitters that have nominated in their profile they are prepared to house sit in your location will be notified daily of new jobs listed with us. Any that are available for your dates will contact you. You then communicate with and assess each applicant, verify references and interview any you think might be suitable before deciding who might be the best fit for your position.

Once registered messages between you and the house sitters are recorded as conversations on your 'Messages' page in your Members Control Panel. You will receive an email notification every time a message is received in your inbox on the Mindahome website.

Join us as a home owner: https://mindahome.com.au/register-house-owner.html

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