I have found a sitter, what now?

Once you have found a sitter you need to unpublish your ad so that no new sitters will contact you. When you unpublish your ad it will no longer be seen in the home owners list and a "sitter found" message will be displayed at the top of the listing.

Although the ad itself is unpublished you can continue conversations with the sitters you have been chatting with from your 'messages page'.

You can unpublish your ad using one of the following methods:

  • Method 1. On the Mindahome website click the 'Members area' link in the orange navigation bar below the logo and images and in the one line description of your ad look for the heading 'Action'. Beneath that click the 'Unpublish' link. The ‘Status’ will change to ‘Unpublished’ and your profile will no longer be visible.
  • Method 2. On the Mindahome website click the 'Edit your ad' tab and then scroll down the page to the 'Visibility' button just above the 'Manage Photos' section. Click the 'Unpublished' button and then click the red 'Submit changes' button at the bottom of the page.
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