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            I've submitted my ad and contacted sitters but have no success finding one.

            In theory it's not necessary for you to go through the trouble of searching for and contacting sitters. When you list your home with us all sitters who have indicated in their profile they are willing to house sit in your location are notified and those that will be in your general area and available for your dates will contact you.

            If you have not been contacted then there are a couple of possible reasons. The obvious being the location and dates of the position you are offering don't suite any of our sitters at the moment. Or if there are sitters available, they are not applying because the position doesn't appear attractive enough to them for any number of reasons such as, it's the wrong time of the year for the location (too hot for example), the period is short, they feel there are too many chores being requested to be done, it's a country town and there doesn't appear to be much to do in the local area.

            We find people get more applicants if they describe the attractions and things to do in the area. You can do a Google search for 'things to do and see' in your location as well as the surrounding towns then copy and paste that information into your Mindahome ad description. Don't forget to include local markets, nearby golf courses, fishing and bushwalking opportunities.

            Once you have revamped your ad unpublish it and create a new ad from the old one. By creating the new ad from the old ad it keeps the existing information. When you submit the new ad it will go to the top of the home owners list and a notification will be sent out to all relevant sitters again, some of whom will have joined since you submitted your first ad.

            Updated: 27 May 2019 09:46 AM
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