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            I want to be a house sitter, what do I do?

            You need to register as a house sitter with us and complete your Public Profile. Once this is done you can contact any of our home owners whose job appeals to you from their ad page. Home owners can also browse our sitters list and contact you if your profile suits their needs. The home owner will communicate with and assess the applicants for the position they are offering and choose the one they feel is most suitable.

            Once you have registered with us, messages between you and home owners are recorded as conversations on your 'Messages' page in Your Members Control Panel . You will receive an email notification every time a message is received in your inbox on the Mindahome website.

            To register as a house sitter please return to the Mindahome website and in the top menu bar click 'Join us' then, in the menu that appears, choose 'As a house sitter'.

            Updated: 21 May 2019 03:40 PM
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